Spells and Gods of the Salamandar

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Mage Spells

Bleed Light. A body part begins to discharge a viscous, sticky liquid that shines in the dark.

Displace. Project the target's consciousness to a point you can see. When curious, the target senses as if they were at the point. When significant, their consciousness can also speak and move. When profound, their body comes along. When both profound and lasting, optionally make the displacement permanent.

Ectropy. Manipulate the flow of heat to or from the target.

Flame. Conjure a flickering orb of fire.

Gravitate. Pull a target within sight toward you. The greater the Intensity, the heavier a target the spell can move: 5 pounds (curious), the weight of 1 human (significant), or the weight of 5 humans (profound).

Homunculus. Breathe life into a lump of earth or organic material. The homunculus obeys your orders, but cannot speak. Intensity determines the strength and capability of the homunculus, and Expanse determines how many you can create.

Join. Affix the target to an object it is touching. When curious a creature affixed in this way can save versus Force to detach themself; when significant they save with disadvantage.

Leech. Ravenous leeches crawl out of thin air to gorge themselves on the target. After feeding for a turn the leeches attempt to make their way to you and latch on. If they do, before shriveling to nothing they nourish you for half as much Grit as damage they inflicted. When curious, the leeches do not cause damage but do distract the target.

Manifest. An intangible aspect of the target, such as a memory, personality quirk, or, when profound, even a curse, manifests as a creature. If the manifestation is killed, so is the aspect it embodies. Expanse determines who can perceive and interact with the manifestation; the one includes only the target.

Marionette. Control a creature as if by the strings of a puppet. When the spell affects more than one creature, all targets move in tandem. When curious, the target can resist your control but moves slowly and suffers disadvantage. When significant, your control is complete but graceless; the target cannot resist but moves slowly and suffers disadvantage. When profound, you have total control over their movement.

Mien of Stone. Bestow a quality of an element or material to the target, such as the durability of stone or the fluidity of water. You must touch the material as part of the casting.

Mind Antennae. Empower or weaken one of the target's senses. When profound, the effect is enough to render the target blind or impart vision in the darkest cave.

Nullify. Reduce or negate the effects of other magics. Can be cast in reaction to another spell being cast, but the interactions are tricky: Tempt the Fates instead of forcing the target to save.

Pact. Magically seal an agreement, making it difficult or dangerous to break.

Rapport. Your features and mannerisms subtly shift to match a target's unconscious desires. The effect is often unsettling to others, but it improves the target's opinion of you. When profound, the target regards you as a dear friend.

Repair. Mend damage to an inanimate object. Duration determines the casting time by inverse: d6 turns (fleeting), d4 turns (lingering), or one turn (lasting).

Rotting Arrows. Rapidly age the target on the order of days (curious), months (significant), or years (profound). Named for the trick of casting in reaction to incoming projectiles.

Sculptor of the Elements. Mold earth, fire, water, or air with your hands.

Semblance. Craft a visual (curious), audio-visual (significant), or tangible (profound) illusion.

Spiritual Residue. Sense the ghostly traces of creatures that passed through a space or interacted with an object before you.

Suture. Heal d4 (curious), d6 (significant), or d8 (profound) Flesh of the target. Duration determines the casting time by inverse: d6 turns (fleeting), d4 turns (lingering), or one turn (lasting).

The Abyss Stares. Summon twisting visions of the void that only the target can perceive. When curious, the target attacks with disadvantage while it is distracted. When significant, the target can move and defend themself but not take other actions. When profound, the target is paralyzed with fear.

The Sugar and the Blood. Render spoiled food edible, or good food toxic. When significant, the material need not have been food in the first place. When profound, optionally make the effects undetectable to casual inspection.

Umbra. Twist shadows to your will. When curious, the darkness plays like shadow puppets at your command. When significant or profound, it gains a weight that can suffocate.

Mystic Spells

Arcane Eye. Detect the presence of magic. When significant, also learn the answer to one question about the nature of the magic. When profound, learn three such answers and see through illusions and invisibility.

Askepios. Heal d4 (curious), d6 (significant), or d8 (profound) Flesh of the target. Duration determines the casting time: one turn (fleeting), d4 turns (lingering), or d6 turns (lasting).

Deep Sight. Extend the target's vision where light cannot reach. When curious their sight penetrates darkness; when profound it can pierce 10ft of stone.

Dessicate. Drain moisture from the target.

Ever-Filling Cup. Restore 2 (curious), 3 (significant), or 4 (profound) Grit to the target per turn once (fleeting), for d4 turns (lingering), or for d6 turns (lasting). Rites: Wet a vessel with blood and pour. As long as the spell lasts, the flow does not stop.

Exorcise. Drive a curse or magical affliction from a target. The more severe the disorder, the greater the Intensity required. Manifestations of your god's nature are perfectly pure and correct; any attempt to cleanse such an effect will only enhance it. Duration determines the casting time: one turn (fleeting), d4 turns (lingering), or d6 turns (lasting). Rites: Burn incense or pungent leaves, draw the smoke into your lungs, and breathe it upon the target while speaking the incantation.

Field of Hatchlings. The ground births a seething swarm of animals dear to your god. The animals are friendly to you, indifferent to those who find favor with your god, and hostile to others. Rites: Scratch furrows in the ground and baptize the earth with spit.

Foe's Visage. The target loses the ability to recognize their friends, instead perceiving allies as neutral (curious), dangerous (significant), or grave threats (profound).

Haruspex. Divine the target's true intentions, desires, fears, or the like.

Invisible Waves. The target floats off the ground as if carried by waves. The greater the Intensity, the more violently you can control the unseen water. Rites: Cast a spray of water over the target.

Magnitude. Enlarge or shrink the target by a factor of 2 (curious), 4 (significant), or 8 (profound) in length.

Murrain. A strange disease afflicts the target. Rites: scratch the rune into wood or stone with the talon of a bird.

Pocket Star. Your god manifests a small facsimile of a weather pattern, such as a shining sun or rain clouds. When curious, the effect is illusory. Otherwise it is physical, and when profound violent weather could even cause injury.

Purgatorium. Cast in reaction to a life being snuffed out. Deflect the target's soul into an object you are holding. When curious, you merely get a sense of the soul's destination as it passes through and on. When significant, you may converse with the soul while touching its vessel. When profound, you may attempt to direct the soul to an entirely different afterlife than its natural consignment. When both profound and lasting, you may Tempt the Fates to attempt to make the imprisonment permanent. Difficult to cast effectively on more than the one, as the hex must be uttered at precisely the moment of death.

Reflect. Cast in reaction to elemental or kinetic energy, which you corral into a volatile ball. Reduce damage, if any, by d4 (curious), d6 (significant), or d8 (profound). When the spell ends, the ball explodes and deals whatever damage was reduced.

Skinwalker. Assume the form of an animal favored by your god. When curious, simply gain a resemblance or feature of the animal. When profound, become an enlarged version or a swarm. The spell always affects you, but can also affect others depending on its Expanse.

Slip the Mind. Drain the target's features of color and character, rendering them easy to ignore. When curious, they seem unremarkable and quite forgettable. When profound, they are nearly invisible. Rites: place a smooth stone under the target's tongue, which they must hold there for the duration.

Stranglehold. Grasping plants or appendages burst from the ground to slow the target or hold them in place. Rites: Snap a stick or bone and hurl it at the target.

Syzygy. Channel divine energy in a line connecting you and an idol, which may be any distance from you but must be in sight. The spell affects targets in this line, limited in number by Expanse. When curious, roll for the effect. When significant, roll twice and choose one of the results. When profound, choose one effect from the list. Rites: Craft an idol of the sun, moon, or other celestial body.

  1. Healing light suffuses the line and restores d6 Grit to the target.
  2. Searing light radiates from the target's orifices and deals d6 damage.
  3. Blazing light blinds the target.
  4. The target cannot move off the connecting line.
  5. The target is pushed up to 30ft along the line toward the idol.
  6. The target is pulled up to 30ft along the line toward you.

Take Shape. Assume the form of an inanimate object. Expanse limits the size of the object. You are forced back into your own form when physically disturbed (curious), when damaged (significant), or only of your own volition (profound).

Unreason. Awaken or amplify an emotion in the target. You choose the emotion, but you cannot control how it is directed.

Way of Crimson. Your blood runs out into the air and hangs in front of you, pointing the way to a compass direction (curious), a creature or object you have touched (significant), or the nearest example of a type of object (profound). Expanse determines the range: 100ft (one), 1 mile (few), or anywhere on the same plane (many). Rites: Open your vein and call upon your god for guidance.

Whisperings. Convince the target of a rumor, story, or fact (true or otherwise). When curious the target will only believe information in accordance with their own world view, but when profound they will believe almost anything. Rites: whisper the message into a handful of dirt or dust and blow it to the wind.

Xenoglossy. Grant fluency and literacy in a language to the target. When significant, this includes animal languages. When profound, the target may even communicate with inanimate objects. Rites: rub a poultice of mud and flax across the target's lips.

The Wild Gods

The wild gods are many, but four are chronicled here. They are creatures, sometimes even of flesh and bone, yet they sit at the misty edges of mortal ken.

Though the Church forbids worship of the wild gods, hushed rituals continue behind closed doors. In the clutches of the Salamandar, a wild god can be a valuable ally or a vicious foe.

The Lady of Many Fingers

The Lady of Many Fingers is often depicted as a fierce bird perched atop a dozen many-jointed black fingers in place of legs, but her true form is said to be humanoid. Ten or more long digits sprout from each of her hands and feet, probing the earth, searching out weakness. Her head is not on her shoulders but sunken into her torso, guarded by a ribcage of slender, ever-moving fingers that opens only to pull in the unlucky whelp that displeases her.

Also known as Vellica or the Twitching Vixen, the Lady is associated with aye-ayes, lightning storms, and the swarming green centipedes that proliferate after such downpours. Her sickly smile is reserved for acts of great resourcefulness and trickery, particularly at the expense of other gods and cults.

As a Mystic of the Lady, once per day you may consume a manylegged creature and gain the ability to scurry along vertical surfaces and overhangs for 1 hour.

When a cultist of the Many Fingers dies, they are reborn as one of the Lady's favored animals.

The Flayed Lord

The Flayed Lord, the Merciless One, Sithrak the Blind Gibberer. His names are many, but his appearance is singular: a skull wreathed in flames with iron spikes driven into its eye sockets.

His followers mark their eyes with ashen Xs, and the most zealous have even been known to mutilate themselves with nails in his image. What second sight they seek is unclear; the Flayed Lord is said to despise all sentient creatures with equal fury, his worshippers no exception.

Moultings and renewals trigger hissed warnings of his presence. The particularly wary avoid beetles, snakes, and crabs, and despair at what of the Flayed Lord's horrors may be hidden under snowfall or released by an earthquake. Equally, his followers embrace these as they spread word of his inveterate malice and sacrifice shed skins in orgies of flame.

As a Mystic of the Flayed Lord, once per day you may make a burnt offering to harness his malice in your favor. The next time you cast a spell, spend 3 Mana and choose the spell's Intensity, Duration, and Expanse freely instead of rolling.

When a follower of the Flayed Lord dies, they are as likely to be reincarnated as to suffer eternal torture at his dispassionate hand.

The Corpulent One

Most gods abhor the frailty and impermanence of flesh. The Corpulent One revels in it, delights in the pleasures of excess that are sweetest in mortal bodies.

Whimsical depictions paint the Corpulent One as a man or woman supping from a cauldron formed of their own body, but they most frequently appear as a bloated, many-teated humanoid, nearly always nude and eating. This form is said to be not a manifestation but a possession, a blessed follower inhabited by the Corpulent One and driven to frenzied consumption that cannot be sated or halted except by their inevitable death.

The Corpulent One's followers venerate like-minded creatures such as seals, bears, and moles, and feel the blessing of their god in calm rains. In addition to indulgence they value frankness, having no time for diversions from mortal gratification.

As a Mystic of the Corpulent One, once per day you may consume an extra day's rations to regain d6 Mana.

The Corpulent One offers no life after death. When one favored by the Corpulent One dies, preferably in the throes of indulgence, acids seep through their flesh over several days and cook their body into a tempting meal.

Red Velvet

A buttered scone. A swollen chunk of honeycomb. The jellied eye of a stoat. Red Velvet presides over all sweet things.

Heralded by the buzz of honeybees, Red Velvet moves through dappled sunlight under cotton candy clouds. Their body is that of a vibrantly striped mamba, their tongue darting out to taste the air without pause.

Red Velvet favors sugar and honey, but also bait and anything taboo. The sweetest things are forbidden, and the vilest motives can lurk beneath a saccharine smile.

As a Mystic of Red Velvet, once per day you may turn a fresh corpse into a delicious treat. The food molders if it is not eaten within a day.

When a follower of Red Velvet dies, their spirit seeks out a kitchen or other place of sweetness to occupy.

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